AesopOnline is a new online portal that has taken the place of the current SubFinder absence system. AesopOnline was established on June 25, 2016. With the establishment of the AesopOnline portal, the SubFinder system can no longer be used now. Therefore, all the NPS employees have shifted to the AesopOnline portal now.


Features Of AesopOnline portal

  • AesopOnline system gives its employees more flexible ways while marking absences and also provides their classes with substitutes that don’t affect their classes too.
  • There are many modifications to the AesopOnline portal, but one of the majors is that users can now use their mobile phones to operate the system. Anyone can start using the AesopOnline portal just by visiting their website.

How To Sign In To the AesopOnline portal

  • AesopOnline system can be used anywhere and anytime if you have a good and stable internet connection. 
  • However, for signing in, you need to have separate details for sign-in. These details are mandatory to get access while you are using the portal on your mobile device.
  • To know more about your AesopOnline credentials, you can e-mail NPS directly. 
  • Also, you will get detailed information and instructions to use the online portal, and also with this, you can get in touch with us for any help.

Use of AesopOnline portal

  • The student learning must be uninterrupted whether the team is present there or not. 
  • However, this indicates that you will have to regulate the vacation requests, also keep a check on the vacation credits, and also be responsive to district–wide emotions by putting up questions like, “How many days do I have in my hand?” and also get a replacement if required.
  • You can utilize your own time with the audience and substitute management (formerly Aesop) and ensure that the student learning doesn’t get harmed in any way. 
  • You need to gather the information you need and make correct decisions working in favor of student learning.

To get access to the AesopOnline portal, you need to visit the official website and follow the steps below.

  • Get started by visiting the official portal of AesopOnline.
  • After opening the portal, open the register section. In this section, you will see a form that will ask you about your details, such as your name, address, contact details, etc.
  • Be sure while entering your mobile number, as it will work as your user ID in the future while you operate the portal.
  • Next, you will have to submit your password. Make sure it is a little tricky and difficult to guess.
  • Take a glance at the details you have entered again, and tap on “Submit” to proceed forwards.
  • With this, you have completed your registration process on the AesopOnline portal.

The online portal of AesopOnline is designed so everyone can use it. Also, there are many other advantages too that you can take by using AesopOnline:

  • No need for access

To get started with the AesopOnline portal, you don’t need any access to any hardware, software, or phone line.

  • Easily Accessible

You can use the frontline AesopOnline easily, even on your phone or any other kind of electronic device which has an internet connection (which includes a mobile phone too).

  • User-friendly interface 

The portal of AesopOnline is designed in a way that all users can operate it without any difficulty. 

  • Safe and secure platform 

The users of the AesopOnline platform also don’t have to worry about their safety, and the platform is completely safe and secure.

  • Time-saving solution

AesopOnline is a time-saving platform that saves precious time for the backup calls that you have to make manually. In addition, it tracks absences and reports with full efficiency.

  • Keeps Student Learning its priority

AesopOnline system ensures that the student learning system doesn’t get harmed even if there’s the absence of anyone on board.


Q-AesopOnline portal is available on which devices?

The AesopOnline portal is designed in a way that every user can easily access it. You just need to have a great internet connection to carry on with the AesopOnline portal. And you can operate it on a mobile device or any other device easily.

  Q-How can I know about AesopOnline credentials?

To get your credentials for the AesopOnline portal, you can mail them directly to NPS. You will get your credentials along with detailed information and instructions for using the AesopOnline portal. Also, you can contact us for any other queries. 

 Q- Is there any system of substitute teachers available on AesopOnline?

 Yes, absolutely AesopOnline portal totally ensures that student learning should not be disrupted at any cost. So, it provides substitutes for the missing teachers to avoid any problems that students might face.

 Q- Does AesopOnline hamper the student learning process?

 No, AesopOnline tries its best to ensure that students get an education without any difficulty. There’s no need for hardware or a phone line to use it. Moreover, it has extended its services and made itself available on mobile phones also. So, student learning can’t be harmed at any cost.

Q-How can I mark my absence on the online platform of AesopOnline?

  • Start by visiting the official website, i.e., 
  • Submit your user ID and the password you have created. 
  • Your ten-digit mobile number will be your user ID when you join your duty.
  • If you want to take a leave, you can click on the “Create Absence” option.
  • Enter the date on which you want to take leave.
  • After this, you will have to submit the reason behind your leave and submit it.
  • You can also specify the duration of your leave on AesopOnline.
  • Now select the option for substitute and click “Next.”
  • You can add some notes if you desire and verify all your details.
  • Click on “Submit” and type your confirmation number there.

Hence, the process is completed.


AesopOnline is an online portal making the learning process of the student easy. It was established on June 25, 2016. And with the establishment of the AesopOnline portal, all the employees from NPS were shifted to AesopOnline

It has become quite easy for teachers with it to carry on the learning process even in their absence. The AesopOnline community is always excited to implement new ideas, recommendations, and all the new updates regarding courses, meetings, conferences, research papers, and all the other topics related to the same. 

The AesopOnline portal has made itself fully open for all communication. You can easily access it on any of your devices just by visiting the official website and entering your credentials. You can easily mark your absence and set up a substitute when required. In case of any urgency, it’s our responsibility to come together, and for this AesopOnline has also launched an online resource page. The online resource page is also as easy to use as the official portal of AesopOnline. It is quite secure for each and every teacher who will require to use it in the future or is using it already.

The online portal of AesopOnline is safe and secure and promotes the efficient learning of the student. Now, with AesopOnline, you don’t have to bother about any other thing rather than learning. You can use this platform to express your queries, keep forward your experiences, and also get advice from fellow members of the community.