AesopOnline has become one of the most well-known FFC8 sequels, and it has now superseded the phone network (for all the teachers). AesopOnline enables teachers to mark their absences from home simply. It also allows teachers to request a substitute for a particular class if necessary. This platform has been a godsend for educators and the quality of teaching. In addition, this gateway prevents students from falling behind in their academics.

Know More About AesopOnline

  • The Aesop replacement program is one of the most excellent web platforms that allow employees to indicate their absences and request replacements.
  • Any web browser can be used to visit to gain access to the official AesopOnline website. 
  • We strongly recommend that users use this portal using Google Chrome. Using the AesopOnline portal efficiently, you may also alter your personal information, request vacation leaves, etc. 
  • This webpage is an extraordinary attempt by the school system to ensure that the lack of a teacher does not severely harm a student’s studies.
  • You can also call the toll-free AesopOnline number at 1-800-942-3774. Simply use the voice menu to report and manage absences, as well as access the numerous capabilities provided by this portal. 
  • It is highly advised that new users phone to confirm that their name & title are registered on the computer.
  • All the teachers must report their absence on the official AesopOnline portal at least 1 hour before the classes start.
  • The AesopOnline portal is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be easily accessed by computer or mobile phone.

AesopOnline Portal Benefits

The following is a list of the most significant advantages that may be gained from utilizing this internet portal:

  • The absences of educators can be simply recorded at any time and from any location.
  • Job searchers can conduct their job searches and applications over the phone or through the Internet and sign up to have automated job notifications sent to their email addresses.
  • The AesopOnline platform has simplified many aspects of life, including those of students, teachers, and people looking for work.
  • The administrators constantly monitor how well the teachers are doing in their jobs.

The other advantages of using AesopOnline are-

  • The human resources department makes excellent use of a calling system, Frontline / AesopOnline, to manage staff exchanges and monitor employee absenteeism. 
  • Everyone on the teaching staff must report their attendance, vacations, and/or vacations using Frontline or AESOP. 
  • As soon as they are hired, each and every instructor, regardless of whether they were hired through classified advertisements, certifications, or reps, will be issued a login name and a PIN number.
  • The AesopOnline portal is only one example of the many technological advances that are currently taking place all around the world. 
  • The use of this gateway has, to a significant degree, simplified life for the administration as well as the teaching staff. 
  • A further benefit of using the AesopOnline portal is that it eliminates the risk of students suffering significant academic setbacks in the event that their instructor is away from class. The administrators, students, and teachers have reported that this site is functioning perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the AesopOnline portal available online?

Aesop is an entirely automated attendance management system that provides teachers with a simple means of noting when they will be absent from class. You can access the portal by calling the toll-free number 1-800-942-3767 or going online to the official website, which is located at Additionally, the teachers can submit a request for replacement through this portal if they so choose.

Where can I find training materials for the system to better my understanding of Aesop?

It is well acknowledged that the Aesop system is an exceptionally “simple, straightforward, easy to use system.” The system provides online access to a User Guide and Training Videos. On the Aesop main website, these tips and other helpful information can be accessed by selecting the Help tab, which can be found directly beneath the MPS logo.

What are the login details for the AesopOnline portal?

Your phone number serves as your user ID, and you are the one who chooses the PIN code (initially assigned by the website itself). On the sign-in page, there is a prompt for an automated setup process that can be used in the event that you cannot recall your PIN code. In the event that you are unable to use the Aesop Online system, you should get in touch with the main office at (402) 786-2321.

If I need to seek a substitute after 7:30 in the morning, what steps should I take?

In this particular scenario, you should call the administration to inform them of your absence. Your customer or secretary will sign up for an account with Aesop, submit an inquiry, and promptly begin preparing for your classroom.

Could you, please let me know if there are any preferred replacements for my class?

The AesopOnline site makes it possible to perform this task relatively quickly, so the answer is yes.

What are the steps to changing my phone number?

Ensuring that the AesopOnline system contains the reserve instructors’ correct contact information through phone numbers rests squarely on their shoulders. There is no restriction on whether a mobile phone or a landline should be used for the contact number submitted.

  1. Enter your credentials into the AESOP system.
  2. In the main tab menu bar, select the “Preferences” tab with your mouse and then click on it. Your personally identifying information will be made public.
  3. Select the Edit button from the menu.
  4. After entering your new phone number, click the Apply button to save your changes.

The AESOP phone network recognizes you solely by your phone number as your login ID. After completing the procedure, the Aesop phone system will use your new number as your new login ID going forward.


Graham ISD uses AesopOnline to document staff absences, even when the district neither requires nor requests a replacement teacher. Every employee is responsible for communicating their own absence to the relevant supervisor in a timely manner.

Users can access AesopOnline whenever they choose, as long as they have a desktop, tablet, or cellphone linked to the internet and a web browser installed on those devices. Employees get the option to report & verify their personal absence, check their personal information, construct a list of desired substitute requests, and complete a brief training on a number of topics through the Employee Learning Center.