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AesopOnline is a virtual education platform. Established on 25 June 2016 AesopOnline is making the learning process easy for teachers and students both. It is an automatic portal through which the teachers can get a substitute and mark themselves absent conveniently. 

Characteristics About AesopOnline

  • Through AesopOnline, the reserve or the substitute teachers can be requested for the lectures in the absence of the regular teacher. 
  • With, AesopOnline, there’s hardly any chance that the learning process may get affected.
  • AesopOnline will help you in doing everything you require to do in the district. Performing these functions doesn’t mean that it will be “sign up into the system,” but there are several other functions. 
  • With AesopOnline students’ online study, the absence would not be a roadblock in the learning process for students.
  • The AesopOnline portal is controlled by the reserved screen, which plays a very important role in recruiting department of the human resources department.

How To Get In Touch With Aesoponline’s Support Staff

  • For this, if you need any assistance or you are willing to request the same, then you must immediately register yourself with the Aesop administrator or secretary on the official portal or dispatch an email along with the reservation option to the official mail id, i.e.,
  • You can get in touch with the customer support services of Aesop anytime between 06:00 p.m. at 02:00 p.m.
  • You can get in touch with customer care services one more way by simply dialing the following numbers from your mobile phones, 1-800-942-3667, and if you want some more details, you may also dial 915-926-4064.
  • If you are facing any problems while using the online portal, you may also contact the following contact details: Kaitlyn Johnson, 910-893-8151 extension 305,

If any issues are being faced while trying to sign in on AesopOnline, click on the “Forgot your login” button. This button is present along with the sign-in option on the official page of AesopOnline.

Some points that are to be noted for the same:

  • Your sign-in ID will be your registered ten-digit number.
  • Your PIN code will be delivered to a verified HCS email.
  • You can use this virtual platform only with a verified phone number.
  • You may also set up the PIN code yourself in case the PIN given by the portal isn’t correct.

Not only an easy way to get your queries solved, but AesopOnline is generating many advantages for teachers.

  • Mark your absence 

AesopOnline’s portal can conveniently mark absences and apply for an appeal initially (if needed).

  • Great platform for teachers

With all these services AesopOnline portal provides all its guidance and support to the teachers and helps them to organize their classes.

  • No harm in learning 

With AesopOnline, the learning process of the learners can never be harmed, and moreover, the teachers can choose their replacements too. 

  • Less manual work

AesopOnline portal decreases the manual work of the teachers. You can easily track the absence as well as get the records of the last lectures.


Whom to contact if the online portal of AesopOnline needs to be fixed?

In case if you are facing any kinds of disruptions while using the online portal of AesopOnline, then you will have to contact the following details:

What are the helpline numbers of the AesopOnline platform?

Getting in touch with the support team of AesopOnline is very easy. For that, dial 1-800-942-3667, and in case you want some more details, you may also dial 915-926-4064. You can dial these numbers anytime between 06:00 p.m. at 02:00 p.m.

Can AesopOnline use on your mobile device?

Yes, you can use it on any of your devices. You can easily log in on the official portal and get started with AesopOnline.

You may use it on any device which has a good internet connection.

Can I sort the number of classes I have in a day on AesopOnline?

Yes, absolutely. You can create a list of all your lectures for the day, which makes your work easy and more convenient. With this feature, the portal becomes more functional.


AesopOnline portal is a virtual platform used by The Fullerton School District and has made the hectic schedule of the teaching staff less difficult. In addition, it has provided the provision to mark their absence on the portal.

Established on June 25, 2016, the AesopOnline portal has a quite accessible interface where the teachers can visit. Moreover, the content for the next lecture is also provided to the substitute teachers. AesopOnline has dedicated itself fully so that students’ learning process remains steady and interesting every time, whether the teachers are present or not.