What Is AesopOnline?

The Fullerton School District utilizes an automated calling system called AesopOnline that allows qualified and certified personnel to mark an absence and request replacement insurance online from anywhere on the computer or by phone.

What are the Features Of AesopOnline:

  • With the AesopOnline system, all the teachers who are qualified and certified professionals can mark their absence and request a replacement or substitute insurance virtually. 
  • This can be done anytime on your phone, wherever you are.
  • With the AesopOnline portal, you can avail of the services 24/7. 
  • Moreover, you can contact the officials whenever you want. 
  • If there’s any doubt regarding the same, you can visit the official website of AesopOnline.

 What are the benefits of using AesopOnline?

On the AesopOnline portal, you can easily find everything, including the instructions and a brochure, just by visiting the website. AesopOnline portal is quite simple to use, and there are many advantages joined to  it:

  • User-friendly interface

On the AesopOnline portal, you can easily use all its functions. It has a user-friendly interface that anybody can access easily.

  • Keep a record of your lectures

With AesopOnline, you can maintain records of what you have taught in your current, and all things can be recorded easily. So, you will always be fine if you want the recapitulation of your last lecture.

  • Learning process doesn’t get harmed.

With AesopOnline, teachers can get a replacement for their lectures, due to which there’s very less chance of student learning coming to a halt.

What kind of portal is AesopOnline?

AesopOnline is a completely virtual solution for teachers which has a fully automatic absence management system through which teachers can mark their absence conveniently. You can also dial 1-800-942-3767 for help or just visit the official website. With AesopOnline, teachers can also ask for a replacement in case they need it.

Which credentials are required to log in on the AesopOnline portal?

To login into your AesopOnline portal, you need a few basic pieces of information, which are:

  • You need your user ID, which will be your phone number.
  • The PIN code you have set up (or the portal might also

 provide it).

You can request an automatic sign-in page if you need to remember your PIN code. Contact the central office (402-786-2321) if you need help using the AesopOnline system.

What is the process for getting a replacement if I need it after 07:30 a.m.? 

If you need any help adjusting your replacement, you can immediately dial the administrator, notifying them regarding the same and your absence. Then, your secretary or client will make the registration. And with this, Aesop would raise your inquiry and instantly arrange your classes.

Do we have options to choose or can we have a preference for a substitute for our class?

Yes, AesopOnline allows you to get a substitution and select your preferred substitute for the lectures.