Mobile Access

When a teacher is absent, it must be made sure that student learning is not even marginally impacted. This calls for you to devise a way to handle leave requests, check leave policies, address district-level concerns by inquiring, find out how many vacation days are available, and, if required, come up with the best replacement for this particular teacher. For all teachers in the US, AesopOnline is a very useful platform.

You can use your time with Audience and Alternative Management (formerly Aesop), ensure that student learning is unaffected, and get the knowledge required to take sensible and accurate actions.

Access to AesopOnline on mobile

You may swiftly access the new Frontline Insights site from anywhere, at any time, using the Frontline Education mobile app. Employees can access the curriculum, check their leave balance, add absences, and receive web notifications on their phones.

  • For regions and their instructors who have installed the Frontline Insights Platform, the AesopOnline mobile app is accessible.
  • One of the most effective automated solutions for managing absence and alternate teacher demand is Frontline absence management (formerly Aesop).
  • As the quickest, most effective, and most adaptable alternative for handling and analyzing staff absences, as well as providing highly competent and effective staff for the category, Aesop has continued to expand.

Some benefits of Using the AesopOnline mobile app

  • Employees have 24/7 access to this portal thanks to the Aesop Online mobile application. As a result, teachers and educational institutions have benefited significantly from this portal.
  • Teachers can order holidays through the website AesopOnline. Using this mobile app, they can also give a succinct justification for their request for leave.
  • By becoming subscribers, teachers from various educational institutions utilized this service effectively.


Describe AESOP

Teachers can arrange absences and appoint substitutes using the automated system AESOP (Substitute Placement & Absence Management) via the phone or online.

Where can I go as an Associate Teacher to find new assignments?

An Associate Teacher can search for new employment postings through AESOP in two different methods.

  • toll-free number: 1-800-942-3767
  • Visit online

I do not have my login details, and I am a new associate teacher.

To request AESOP information, send an email to from your HISD email account, along with your name and employee ID number.

I’m not sure what my HISD email address is. What do I need to do?

Call the assistance desk at 713-892-7378 if you want to find out your HISD email address. Choose option 3 (technology), then option 2, then (Microsoft Outlook help).

What should I do if I have a substitute plan with a teacher?

A teacher will frequently arrange for a specific substitute to cover for him or her. In the Aesop system, teachers are not allowed to assign their own substitutes. The only people who can designate a substitute for an absence are the site administrator, secretary, or reserve desk for Aesop. If plans have been made with the sub, the teacher should NOT register the absence into the Aesop system. If the instructor enters the absence into the system, any substitute can view and accept it.

The teacher should get in touch with their Aesop administrator or secretary at their location to request that the absence be scheduled, and the pre-arranged sub be assigned to it once a replacement has been found. It is your obligation to make sure you have been given the appropriate absence if you have agreed to fill in for a teacher.

After I accept a task, can the start and end times change?

After you accept the assignment, there may be instances where the start or finish time is altered. The instructor or school secretary should get in touch with you by phone or email if this occurs. The school secretary will update Aesop and send you a new confirmation if you can proceed with the assignment, given the time adjustment. The school secretary will withdraw you from the assignment if you are unable to proceed with it in light of the theme change.

After I accept a task, can it be changed or canceled?

The assignment you accepted might have been canceled in some cases. The instructor or school secretary should get in touch with you by phone or email if this occurs. As soon as the school secretary is informed that the assignment has been canceled, she or he will take you off of it. If the assignment is canceled and you don’t work on it, you won’t be compensated. Respect the Reserve Teacher Agreement, please


When requesting leave, AESOP will seem slightly different starting on January 29, 2018. Options for a half-day, full-day, or normally won’t be offered immediately. Existing employees must obtain a leave of absence during the duty-free lunch hour of morning and midday segments. This modification allows TimeClock Plus to stream data from AESOP successfully.