Salient Features

AesopOnline is a virtual platform that was established on 25 June 2016. It offers its services to the teachers so that they can go on with their teaching process without any disruption.

Characteristics of AesopOnline


  • AesopOnline makes the load on teachers a little less. Moreover, it has solved many problems for the teachers regarding their absence.
  • Also, if the substitute teachers are selected randomly for an assignment, then the interaction with the teacher may be a little limited.
  • This issue can be easily resolved by creating a business card that can be used by that particular teacher as a reference for their absence.
  • You can easily get started with AesopOnline by visiting the official website.
  • AesopOnline has prime features that the teachers can access from the online platform of AesopOnline

Salient Features Of AesopOnline

Some of the salient features of the AesopOnline portal are listed below:

1- Make a list of alternatives for your classes

On AesopOnline, teachers have a chance to create a list that they prefer for their ongoing classes. This also makes AesopOnline different and more useful.

2- Creating employment opportunities 

Through AesopOnline, more job opportunities are being created, and also, there’s a possibility to work with the same batch of students on a regular basis.

3- Keeping its teachers up to date

AesopOnline tries to keep all its teachers updated with all the latest information. Every teacher wants to keep a record of what they teach in class, and AesopOnline does the same by keeping them updated all the time. 

4- No worries, even if you are absent

As AesopOnline updates its teachers, in the same process, it also keeps all its teachers notified even if they aren’t present at that time or are absent. This is one of the most special characteristics that the AesopOnline portal has.

5- Proper help to Substitute teachers

There might be any problem that the substitutes may have to tackle while they take the place of a regular teacher in their absence. For that, AesopOnline has a feature using which the regular teachers can upload their own notes or any other specific instructions for the substitute teachers directly on the official portal of AesopOnline. Hence, there will be no confusion for the substitution teacher too.


Q- Is the AesopOnline portal helpful?

Yes, the online portal of AesopOnline is quite helpful and helpful for teachers as well as students. For example, teachers can mark their absence and get a substitute for the lectures they might miss. 

Q-What are the credentials required to log in on AesopOnline?

To log in on AesopOnline, you will need basic details like your name, address, contact details, etc.

Q- Is there any way to know what was taught in the last lecture?

Yes, absolutely all the lectures were delivered earlier. All the records for your lectures will be available there.

Q-Are the substitute teachers given the content for their lectures?

All the substitute teachers are provided with the content so that neither the teacher nor the students have to go through any kind of difficulty.


The AesopOnline portal has been a true blessing for the teachers. It is a virtual platform providing aid to teachers. It was established on June 25, 2016, and has been a great source of help since then.

With AesopOnline, there are very few chances for the learning process of the students to get delayed or harmed. There is also an option for the teachers to get a substitute for themselves, get the record of whatever they have taught to their students, and also get to know about the things that have been done in their absence too.

AesopOnline has provisions for its substitute teachers too. They ensure that substitute teachers don’t have to face any kind of difficulty in the absence of regular teachers too. The regular teachers can update the content to be taught for the substitute teachers, too, ensuring a smooth learning process for students.