Substitute Training

AesopOnline is an automated platform where teachers can check their attendance standards, request substitute teachers, and verify their attendance. Aesop is an automated application that aids administrators in managing teacher absences and providing cover. This robust and completely integrated phone and website interface also prepares replacement teachers.

Once you register on the site, it is important to understand that your data cannot be visible there. It typically takes two weeks to activate the teacher profile on the AesopOnline site. Ask for the 1-866-373-4321 number if more than two weeks have passed and you can still access the official portal.

AesopOnline Teacher Training

Teachers will be shown certain movies that will help them navigate the institution more easily. Below are some of the topics this program will cover:

  • How can I log in to the AesopOnline portal and access the absence management?
  • How can vacancies be made?
  • On Aesop Online’s official website, search for openings.
  • Review and update your contact information.
  • Modify your PIN number.
  • Where can you go for assistance if you have any issues?

How To Enter Into AesopOnline Portal

  • Visit the official AesopOnline website using your VVSD login information (username/ID or another ID and PIN) and select the “Front Line Support” tab in the top right corner of the page for more information. 
  • Click “Learn.” In the “Introduction to Estoop” area, you may further view instructional movies.
  • Additionally, there are other parts of human resources where you may check commonly asked questions, look for jobs (to replace them), create absences (of employees), and more.

You can easily monitor and approve employee leave across your district with Absence & Substitute Management (previously Aesop):

  • Increase fill rates and be aware that qualified replacements are available during absences
  • Integrate easily with thousands of additional software platforms
  • View the absences that have been filled on your campuses in real time.
  • To analyze patterns and control absences, view a library of stock reports and use a custom report builder.
  • Make it simple to track hours for the Affordable Care Act.

What’s different now?

Several exciting changes have occurred in the absence and substitute management field in recent years (formerly Aesop). These consist of the following:

  1. Seamless interaction with the time and attendance system from the Frontline
  2. A smartphone app for quick approvals of absences and insights when traveling
  3. establishing a single Frontline ID for all Frontline solutions, creating the Frontline Insights Platform, and sharing experiences
  4. Benchmark reports help you compare your data to those of other companies
  5. Online teacher-substitute preparation programs


Q-How can I log in to the AesopOnline portal and access the absence management?

  • Enter in the address bar of your computer browser to access Aesop. 
  • Then, click Login after entering your ID number and PIN. Can’t recall your login details? For further information, click the Login Problems link next to the “Login” button if you’re experiencing problems logging in.

Q-In Frontline, how do I enter an absence?

One of the app’s two options will allow you to add a new absence. On the home page (as shown in the first image), click Create Absence, or go to the Menu and choose Absences. Next, click the “+” button from this page (as seen in the second image).

Q-In Aesop, how do I enter an absence?

From the Create Absence option on your absence management home page, you can add a new absence. Enter the absence information, including the date of the absence, the explanation for the absence, any administrator notes, and any necessary file attachments. Click Create Absence after that.

Q-Frontline absence management: What is it?

You have the option to make a list of preferred substitutes to work at your school using the system. By selecting Settings > School >Preferred Replacements from the menu, you can establish and manage your preferred substitutes list if your district has granted you permission to do so.

Q-How does AesopOnline operate?

You can designate specific subs on Aesop as preferred, giving them priority over other subs. These well-liked submarines are approached first and granted access to internet features before their competitors. Remember: Many employees may choose alternatives, which could result in the unavailability of this selected submarine.

Q-How may an assignment be canceled?

Once a reserve teacher accepts an assignment in Aesop, they are unable to withdraw from it. Send an email to to cancel your assignment. Hours for the reserve desk are from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm. If you need to cancel an assignment, it is imperative that you do it as soon as possible.


More school districts utilize Absence & Substitute Management than any other absence management service, even though Aesop’s name has changed to reflect its new role as a tool for managing employee leave and locating competent replacements.